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Upute za korištenje Skillsoftovih IT tečajeva (eng.)

You launch a course from your Learning Management System. The following features and navigation items are found in all courses.

Note: Depending on how your SkillPort is configured, the content described in the following sections may not be available to you.

When you launch a course, the course map is displayed. This map provides information about the course, such as its objective, duration, and test score, and lists its topics. The map enables you to start the course or a topic, and where available, to take a test or download content to your local machine. 


To start the course, click

To take the course test, click



Course Navigation

When you first start a course, the course map is displayed. From the course map, you can choose to run the course from the beginning, by clicking the button. Alternatively, to start an individual topic, click its title in the list.


When you click to start a topic or a course, you are brought to a Topic Information page. This page displays the learning objective, topic type, and approximate duration of the topic. To start the topic, click


Navigating a Topic

The e3 content window is divided into four areas. 


Topic navigation screen, numbered one through 4



 The options bar: This area contains links to facilities such as Ask My Mentor, Resources, Transcript, and Help.

 The content area: Learning content and content navigation buttons are displayed in the content area.

 The content navigation bar: The content navigation bar allows you to navigate through the content of a topic.

 The topic navigation bar: The topic navigation bar allows you to move from one topic to the next, return to the course map, and exit a topic.


When you open a topic as part of a course, you can move from one topic to another using the and buttons. If a button is grayed out, you cannot navigate in that direction. If no other topics are available, the buttons are not displayed.


When you start the topic, its content area displays the content of the topic and the content navigation bar. Use the Forward  forward button and Back back button  buttons to navigate through the content. The other available content navigation buttons will alter depending on the content type.


Note: In some older content, the content navigation buttons appear differently: .


When a topic contains audio content, audio is automatically enabled. To disable audio, click the Enable/disable audio icon audio button. To replay audio content, click the Replay button Replay icon.


Note: In some older content, you do not have the options to enable/disable audio or to replay audio.


The Topic navigation bar appears at the bottom of the e3 content window. 

It allows you to navigate within the topic and jump from one topic to another. You can see which learning point each number refers to by rolling your mouse pointer over it. Clicking a number will bring you to the start of that learning point. Clicking the Objective link returns you to the start of the current topic. This page displays the learning objective and the learning points within the topic.

To return to the course map at any stage, click the   button. The course map shows the topic's place in the course hierarchy.

Note: When you click Course Map, your position within the current topic is automatically saved.


Course Features

There are a variety of features in the courses including demonstrations, questions, simulations and animations. Not all courses contain all the features listed.



You can move through screens by using the Forward orBack button in the navigation bar. You may also be presented with instructions to complete a task by clicking on a hotspot, or obtain additional information by rolling the mouse over a specified object on the screen.



User-selection and user-input questions appear at intervals throughout the topic, together with the controls to allow you to answer them. These exploratory questions require you either to select an answer from a number of options or to enter the text yourself. Once you have completed a question, you will be given feedback on your response.



Simulations require you to perform tasks in a simulated environment. When you complete a task, the system judges whether you did so correctly and lets you proceed to the next task. If you perform the task incorrectly, you can repeat it or move on to the next part of the simulation.

Extra buttons appear between the Forward and Back buttons during simulations. These include:

  • Task button, which allows you to view the task statement
  • Steps button, which allows you to view a complete list of the steps in the simulation
  • Done button, which triggers the system to judge your performance when you have finished a task
  • Show Me button, which launches an animated sequence that performs all the steps in the simulation and displays accompanying text.


User-controlled animations

At certain points during a topic, a user-controlled animation will be triggered. When this happens, a Play/Pause button will be added to the navigation bar to allow you to control the animation. Clicking the Back button will bring you to the first frame of the animation.


Taking Tests

Assessments vary depending on the kind of test you are taking. If you are taking a test in a course, you are assessed in Proficiency Mode. If you are taking a TestPrep Exam, you are assessed in either Study Mode or Certification Mode.


Taking tests in Proficiency Mode

When you launch a test, you are assessed in Proficiency Mode. Proficiency Mode tests allow you to assess your competence before or after you take a course or topic. Answers you give will be marked correct, incorrect, or partially correct, and you can check your score at any time against a specified mastery level.

During a test session, you can review all your answers but you cannot change any answers. However, once you have ended the test, you may return to the questions that you answered incorrectly and retake them. By comparing your score against the required mastery level, you can easily assess your competence in any course or topic.

Your test score is saved and you can return at any time to retake the test.


Launching a test

To launch a test for content for which there is a course map, click on the map.

If you want to take an individual topic test, click the relevant Take topic test icon.


  • When you launch a course or topic test, the main test page is displayed. From here you can launch the test and view the progress you have made if you have already completed some questions. 
  • The name of the course or topic that you are being tested on appears in the top bar. 
  • For a course test, the table lists all the topics in the course and, if you have already taken any of the topic tests, the results that you attained. These results are plotted graphically to illustrate whether you have reached the specified mastery level. For a topic test, the title and mastery level are displayed along with a test result if you have taken the test before.
  • The three main controls for the test appear below the table. Click to begin taking the test. If you have taken the test before, you can click to review any questions that you did not answer or answered incorrectly. Click to view the Status page for this test and to review the status of your answers

Note: The Take Incomplete/Failed Parts button is displayed only if you have already answered at least one question in the test.


Answering test questions

When you click on the main test page, you are presented with a series of questions, each of which you answer in turn. There are six question types, any or all of which may be included in a particular test.

  • When you answer a question, click the button to submit your answer.
  • After you click the button, you will then receive feedback telling you whether your answer is correct, incorrect, or partially correct. If you do not answer a question, it is marked as incorrect. Click to take the following question. 
  • Use the button to review the questions that you have already answered. Note that you cannot change any of your answers during a test session. Once the test has ended, however, you may choose to retake those questions that you did not answer correctly.
  • If you do not want to answer the question immediately but want to return to it after answering some other questions, click the button.
  • You can click the button at any time to review your progress on the status page.
  • When you click after you have received feedback for the last question in the test, a message is displayed indicating that the test is ending, after which you are returned to the main test page where you can view your test score.


Viewing the status page

The status page indicates the progress that you have made in a course or topic test and is accessed by clicking the button on the main test page or on any of the test question pages.


Note:Once you have completed a test, you can view your progress by clicking the Review Previous Test button.


Exiting a test

When you have answered the last question in a test and clicked the button to receive feedback, clicking the Next Question icon causes a message to display, indicating that the test will now end. You are then returned to the main test page where you can see your test progress.

If you want to exit a test before the end, click the button. Progress for any questions that you have attempted will be returned to your learning management system. Any questions that you have not completed will be recorded as incorrect.

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